“Esti Rofe’ is one of the most talented flautists I have met of her generation”
Andras Adorjan

“Esti Rofe’s performance reflects the depth of interpretation, musicality, and technical expertise needed to distinguish oneself in the world of professional performance”
Alexander & Buono Flute Competition

“The excellent flutist Esti Rofe, played exquisitely”
Israel Today

“the remarkable talent of the Israel-born Esti Rofe’ (who could win any beauty contest, incidentally!),. ‘She is as young and wondrously talented musician. If you ever think that the world is losing the next generation of highly gifted artists, I can tell you they are out there..”
Spinning Records

“Flutist Esti Rofe’ has wondered with beautiful sensitive flute playing”
Yediot Aharonot

“All praises to flutist Esti Rofe’her playing was sweet when necessary ,temperamental when needed and gave an outstanding performance”
The Jerusalem City Magazine

“Esti Rofe has impressed with her wonderful playing”

“Young impressive flutist Esti Rofe’ played with a warm and clear sound”
Welt Online

“Mozart flute concerto no.1 was played by the wonderful flutist Esti Rofe,who played with great skill,grace,and conquered the hearts of the audience with her fluent,rich and sensitive playing”
The Tel Aviv Chamber Music Portal

“…perfect sounding, including its very young flutist Esti Rofe’. She was perfect in her role…”

The Madrid notes

“Vivaldi’s “the night” concerto is one of his finest. the soloists gave it a great performance.. especially Esti Rofe the flutist”
The Classic Portal

“The Flutist Esti Rofe played the “dance of the good spirits” beautifully”